Specialist wagons with tiltable or fixed loading platforms


KZN SWITCHER manufactures specialist wagons dedicated to the transport of turnouts, long components or containers and also customized railwagons



The initial manufacturing experience in the KZN Bieżanów Group was gained during the production of railcars with tiltable platforms for the transport and unloading of turnouts and entire track spans (years 2014-2015). This innovative project also gave name to a whole range of vehicles – SWITCHER.

After a few years, based on this manufacturing and operation experience, railcars with stationary flat platforms for transporting track spans, narrow turnout blocks (switches) and featuring unloading cranes were designed. The next step involved advanced designs of railcars for transporting long components, containers (long containers or few containers at the same time) and customized railcars according to the customer’s design.



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Wagons for transport and unloading of turnouts and track spans

product 1

Switcher Tilt

product 2

Switcher Plus

product 3

Switcher Flat

Wagons for specialist transport and customized wagons

product 4

Switcher Cargo

product 5

Switcher Intermodal

product 6

Switcher Basic

Features of the SWITCHER platform wagon

production feature 1

can be used with heavy rail cranes, gantry and
knuckle boom cranes (SWITCHER PLUS)

production feature 2

high technical availability as a result of using proven solutions and subassemblies

production feature 3

highest safety standards during transport and unloading

production feature 4

just-in-time unloading operations

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Adress: ul. Półłanki 25, 30-740 Kraków

Telephone: +48 12 651 09 00

E-mail: switcher@kznswitcher.com

Bank account: 69 1140 1078 0000 5669 3500 1001

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Wojciech Musiał

Member of the Board

Sales Director


Manager with experience in sales and service of specialist railway machines