Switcher - specjalistyczne wagony z uchylnymi lub stałymi platformami

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A range of specialist SWITCHER wagons – from  dedicated to transport of turnouts, through those dedicated for transport of long components or containers, to wagons customized on a basis of agreed-upon design.




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We have a pool of specialist railwagons for transport and unloading turnouts for rent in Poland and within the EU borders.




We provide comprehensive servicing of freight railcars. Mobile teams will diagnose and eliminate even the most complicated defects, restoring the cars to normal usage.



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KZN SWITCHER COMPANY: Production, rental and servicing of railwagons



KZN Switcher Sp. z o.o. is a specialized entity of the KZN Bieżanów Group comprehensively catering for the newly-built railwagons segment of the holding. The company has been built around the innovative SWITCHER project concerning specialist railwagons for transport and unloading of turnouts which has been developed in KZN Bieżanów since 2015. The company business goal is effective commercialization and growth on world markets, with the support of Rail Tech’s - Igor Marszałek, many years of experience in railwagon service.

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Block turnout logistics – main features

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control and optimization of delivery logistics management – possibility of Just-in-Time deliveries

feature 2

high initial quality, resulting in extended service life and reduced costs

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safety of the crew, transport and site operations
feature 4

limited duration of breaks in train movement


The capital group was established on the foundations of the more than eighty years of business experience of KZN Bieżanów Sp. z o.o. to form a structure encompassing the entirety of processes related to the manufacture, modernization and maintenance of rail tracks.

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Adress: ul. Półłanki 25, 30-740 Kraków

Telephone: +48 12 651 09 00

E-mail: switcher@kznswitcher.com

Bank account: 69 1140 1078 0000 5669 3500 1001

KZN Switcher Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Krakow, incorporated in the National Court Register by District Court for Krakow – Śródmieście,

XI Commercial Department, under the number 0000902146, NIP 6793217564, REGON 389030198. Share capital PLN 5000, paid in full - 100% shares in KZN Switcher are held by KZN Bieżanów.