KZN Switcher Sp. z o.o. will use the visual identification framework developed within the KZN Bieżanów Group, and our products – specialist railcars – will still use the well-known SWITCHER logo.


The complete logotype will comprise a characteristic signet referring to the turnout design and lettering in the standard typeface used in the KZN Bieżanów Group. This is a clear reference to the roots and experience of the parent company and the entire holding.


Company products, that is specialist railcars, will also be marked with the characteristic SWITCHER brand.

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Adress: ul. Półłanki 25, 30-740 Kraków

Telephone: +48 12 651 09 00


Bank account: 69 1140 1078 0000 5669 3500 1001

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Grzegorz leszczyński

President of the Board


Manager with almost 20 years of experience in developing the railway business

KZN Switcher Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Krakow, incorporated in the National Court Register by District Court for Krakow – Śródmieście,

XI Commercial Department, under the number 0000902146, NIP 6793217564, REGON 389030198. Share capital PLN 5000, paid in full - 100% shares in KZN Switcher are held by KZN Bieżanów.