KZN Switcher announced changes in the composition of the Management Board. Igor Marszałek, previously the director of wagon production and service, was appointed president of the company. The two-person management board is complemented by vice-president Wojciech Musiał, a current member of the company's management board.

The decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders of KZN Switcher from December this year have two equivalent aspects. The first concerns the business model in which the company is increasingly based on activities related to the mobile service of wagons and track machines. – We are one of the leaders in this segment of the railway market. My goal is to further develop the service product. Standard KZN Switcher means efficient and high-quality service operations performed by our specialized teams using the best equipment available on the market. There are exciting development opportunities ahead of our company, which will result in further increasing our share in the wagon servicing market, says Igor Marszałek, the company's new president.

- Last year, we also started to develop the segment of track machinery and equipment servicing. We want to expand our offer in this area. The assembly of specialized wagons for the transport of turnouts - SWITCHER, is still one of our business tasks, but in the scale of the entire company's activity, it is rather an addition to the basic service activity - adds vice-president Wojciech Musiał. The second aspect of the change is corporate in nature.

The current president of the company, Grzegorz Leszczyński, is increasingly involved in the development of the KZN Bieżanów Group, in which he holds the position of vice-president, and especially in the implementation and marketization of innovative technologies such as CONTRACK prefabricated tram elements. – Time is not limited, and the number of tasks in a dynamically developing holding company is increasing. I am sure that the current composition of the management board of KZN Switcher will perfectly cope with running this business, and if necessary, they will be able to count on my support from the capital group and also as a proxy in KZN Switcher - emphasizes Leszczyński.

The set of changes in the company's management bodies also includes the departure of Piotr Narog, who decided to take up further professional challenges outside the KZN Bieżanów Group.

Igor Marszałek - he started his adventure with the railway in 2002, as a regular employee of a company dealing in the distribution of locomotive parts, but he was quickly promoted and, at the age of only 24, he became the manager of the sales department. From 2009, he ran the RailTech company specializing in railcar servicing. In a dozen or so years, he developed it from an inconspicuous one-man operation to an entity setting trends and standards for mobile wagon maintenance services. From 2021, he was the director of wagon production and service at KZN Switcher, responsible for the creation of the service.

Wojciech Musiał - started his professional career in the energy segment. After a few years, he joined the railway industry in 2008, and in the Polish branch of Deutsche Plasser Bahnbaumaschinen he moved from a technical support engineer to a director of the railway machinery industry. In 2021, he joined the KZN Bieżanów Group, where, as a member of the KZN Switcher management board, he was responsible for the commercialization of turnout wagons and the development of German-speaking markets.


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