At the 28th International Exhibition of Track Technology (iaf) in Münster, we will present our SWITCHER TILT. It will be on display at stand B204 at the external exhibition, where it will be presented together with PWP gantries, as an element of a comprehensive system for transporting and unloading turnouts, track spans and other elements of rail infrastructure.

The IAF fair is a leading event in the global track technology industry, especially in the construction and maintenance of railway lines. KZN Switcher, as a manufacturer of innovative special wagons, presents a comprehensive system for transporting and unloading railroad turnouts, created by combining SWITCHER wagons (TILT, PLUS and FLAT models) with PWP gantries, supplied by the French partner, Geismar. The compatible combination of both products allows for safe and efficient handling of transport, loading and unloading and the precise positioning of factory-assembled railway turnouts at the destination, while maintaining the highest initial quality of these key track structures. The solution enables exceptional precision and shortening the time of construction operations. The SWITCHER TILT wagon and PWP gantries can be seen during the IAF at the outdoor exhibition at stand B204.

This year's IAF fair is unique for the entire KZN Bieżanów Group - Poland was chosen as the guest of honor of the 28th edition of the event. Although Polish companies are usually present at the fair as visitors, KZN Switcher together with KZN Rail and KZN Bieżanów appear as exhibitors and sellers. This is a great opportunity to show the full potential of SWITCHER production and rental.

The KZN Bieżanów Group has already produced 19 SWITCHER wagons of various types. The most, fifteen units, are TILT wagons with a long tilting platform for the transport of the longest and heaviest turnout elements, seven of which were delivered to the largest logistics operator of prefabricated turnouts in Europe. In addition, two more PLUS-type carriages with a shorter tilting platform and hydraulic knuckle boom cranes have also left the Krakow factory; and the two newest in this family FLAT wagons with a long flat platform. Within the holding company, KZN Switcher is responsible for the production process and long-term rental of these specialized railway equipment.


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